• Honoring Our Muses

    PS Tributes honors the stories of our muses and the PS Poem they inspired, with our PS client's permission, of course!

Sun-Dappled Sunday for PS Event Poets

Sunday Poetry Salon was welcomed to write poems for guests in attendance of a gorgeous garden party.  Our sincere host was excited about poetry and genuine in wanting to honor her guests with artwork. We received hugs of thanks for our poems from A-list attendees, which included 3 Academy Award winners! In fact, our host exclaimed at … Continue reading

Treasured Friend

Email the poem, “Treasured Friend,” and warm someone’s heart today! Treasured Friend You are the friend who calms my spirit, Your voice brings me joy each time I hear it. You delight in my triumphs and share in my sorrows, You bring back the joy that misery borrows. Whether together or miles apart, You are … Continue reading

Propose with a Poem

Propose with a Poetry Salon proposal poem!  We’re featured in Thrillist: “28 Great LA Date Ideas Sorted by Commitment Level.”  The ‘thrillist’ for us is that we are suggested as the way to make that dizzying, lifelong commitment: marriage!  The author, Laurel House, @NoGamesLove, that dynamo Quickie Chick, is always finding the hippest ways to … Continue reading

The Best Paper Gift for your First Wedding Anniversary

Paper is the traditional First Wedding Anniversary Gift.  365 days.  Approximately one full revolution of the Earth around the sun.  One full revolution of your life around the person you vowed to marry.  365 days.  Regardless of the years, months, weeks or days you were together before this anniversary, this is a big one.  This … Continue reading

Spanish Language Love Poetry

An American Orthopedic surgeon called upon us to write a poem in Spanish for his girlfriend, Tanita, who lives in her home country, Nicaragua.  Inspired by Tanita’s love of Pablo Neruda’s love sonnets, we knew the perfect poet for Tanita is Analesa Raya-Flores.  And we were right because Tanita has hung her poem next to … Continue reading

Poetry Salon goes to the Oscars!

Commissioned to write an event, party favor poem for The Hobbit Oscar party, Poetry Salon earned poetry a ticket to the red carpet!  “The road goes ever on and on,/ can never lost or lonely be,” says Bilbo throughout his walking poems, as he wanders in the fantastical, Tolkien world, and so begins our Hobbit Oscar Party poem, … Continue reading

The Unique Gift of Bespoke Poetry

The Unique Gift of Bespoke Poetry “Poetry is the most concise, moving, and memorable way that people use words to express their thoughts and feelings to one another.   Poems have always been the most intimate gift one person can give another. Jennifer Styperk Jones’s remarkable Poetry Salon has taken this ancient tradition and recreated it for our time–providing the ultimate … Continue reading

Love Poem, Love fall with me

Love Poem

The search for a love poem is the quest to reveal deeply felt passions in our heart and soul.  We feel love deeply.  Often so deeply that finding the unique words to express our love is difficult.  How can it not be difficult?  Throughout the course of human history, love poetry has been created.  The … Continue reading

Will you marry me? Proposal Poems!

Proposing or being proposed to is such a special, cherished moment.  Too often, when a friend is telling the story of her proposal, she says, “I don’t remember what he said.”  She looks at the guy and he’sequally as flummoxed by what came out of his mouth.  But the heart and soul of a proposal … Continue reading

Read someone a poem today!!

They will love it!  We promise!  Give free love, read someone a poem.  Watch their face fill with appreciation.