Party Favors

Founder, Jennifer Styperk

Concord, an artists’ live/work space in Los Angeles, invited PS founder, Jennifer, to write personalized, PS Poems for guests as party favors! Guests sat and talked about their day, their boyfriend or girlfriend, their and their muse’s favorite landscapes, and what comes to mind when they think of their muse. “Future Zack,” the PS poem … Continue reading

Anniversary Gifts

writing a PS Poem

Emile surprised Xandra on their first anniversary trip with a PS Poem.  Emile, describing how he presented his PS Poem, says, “I put the poem in a big box, and when she pulled it out I asked her to give it back to me. I started to read it and when I was done and … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

Bill and Adriana This story opens with Bill, a new and exhausted father, reciting his PS Poem to his even more exhausted yet radiant wife, as she holds their newborn Gus in her arms. Bill commissioned this poem for Adriana, to articulate in a way only poetry can, a thank you for bringing Gus into this world. … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

PS Tributes

PS Tributes is our opportunity to honor the people who have inspired us to write verse!  We select the PS Poem and the Story Behind the Poem that has especially touched us each month.