Romantic Idea


On a special occasion or just because, buy your partner eleven red roses and one artificial red rose.  Place the artificial rose in the center of the bouquet. Attach a card that reads:                                              “I … Continue reading

Party Favors that say you appreciate your guests

At Poetry Salon, we offer poets who attend your wedding and event capturing the moment and memories specific to each and everyone of your guests. Here’s a quick peak of how PS Party Favors work:

In Memory

"In Memory" PS Poem

  Today is All Saints Day the day to celebrate all Saints, known and unknown.  Of our many “In Memory” Poetry Salon bespoke poems, we have chosen the PS Poem “Meet Me There.”  Wendy and Steve met on in-line skates and spent many, many happy years together biking, in-line skating, dressing up for Halloween as … Continue reading