Propose Poetically

vegas proposal_2

We were thrilled to team up with The Heart Bandits and write a spoken word proposal poem for NFL star, Gary, to propose to the love of his life, Manifa!

vegas proposal_1

Manifa said, “yes!”

vegas proposal fountain


One Response to “Propose Poetically”
  1. Iliyan says:

    Very beautiful!
    In a museum!
    To Olga Mukhatova!
    Here Parthian little girls!
    Let’s tell directly amazons!
    Your braids are so black!
    You are aggressively slender!
    And in sculptures and cloths!
    The horse Achaltekin roams!
    In bronze it is cast long ago!
    It бахши slightly echoes!
    And дутар excites – a hit!
    He sings to us about the people!
    About a big great descent!
    We from a picture of eyes don’t reduce!

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