It’s never too late to order a poem!

Our clients inspire me daily!  We’re thrilled by the ways in which people inventively use our Poetry Salon bespoke poetry gifts.  Our PS poems have been read above the earth in hot air balloons, along stairs, stanza-by-stanza, leading to a rooftop engagement, in a rented out theater, for an elderly aunt, the list goes on and on.  This month, several people have purchased a poem for a couple, but wanting the poem to be as heartfelt as we do, decided to wait until we hear stories from the couple themselves to draft the poem!!  In this case, we send a certificate promising a poem on our cloth-like, handmade paper scrolled with a satin ribbon.  We’re so thrilled that people are dedicated to speaking from the heart.  This season we’ve gift wrapped the cork + poem, matchbox + poem and tape dispenser + poem art object, including a certificate that a published poet has been inspired to write about them!!  (Example below.)

We’re hard at work writing poetry to honor couples’ year of travel, first year of marriage, birth of their third child and so much more.  If you’ve lived it, we can write about it.   Even our certificates are unique to each person, but here’s an example of our “certificate” for a poem to be written about your loved one!  Imagine this printed on our exquisite ivory paper.  We’ve changed the names to characters from a show popular in the ’90s.  What show are we referencing?!

Cork + Certificate_example_friends characters

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