Will you marry me? Proposal Poems!

Proposing or being proposed to is such a special, cherished moment.  Too often, when a friend is telling the story of her proposal, she says, “I don’t remember what he said.”  She looks at the guy and he’sequally as flummoxed by what came out of his mouth.  But the heart and soul of a proposal is what you say, your declaration of love, and popping the question.  That’s why we love writing proposal poems and why we are especially excited for the lady who will be able to return to what was said, how it was said, how he feels and so much more over and over again.  The poem is timeless and it captures that very special moment in the way only a poem can: the exact words and feelings are cherished for a lifetime.  What better marriage insurance than to have the beginning fresh and alive on the page?!


You search your whole life for the right person, and finding the right words to express yourself can be equally as hard.  We’ve written proposal poems that have been read high above the land in a hot air balloon, in a rented-out Las Vegas theater, a buried treasure in a park, on a Brooklyn rooftop, and to so many other heights hearts have soared after hearing their proposal poem read to them!  Here is a proposal poem that was also translated into Russian!  Did she say yes or da?

Because of You (Russian Language Version)

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