Love Poem

The search for a love poem is the quest to reveal deeply felt passions in our heart and soul.  We feel love deeply.  Often so deeply that finding the unique words to express our love is difficult.  How can it not be difficult?  Throughout the course of human history, love poetry has been created.  The first lesson in writing a love poem is to avoid cliche, which becomes all the harder with thousands and thousands of years of human history having weighed in before us.  Love poems have been around for as long as love has been in the air! A testimony to poetry’s lasting quality and force, the first written love poem dates back to 8th century BC Mesopotamia, “goodly is your beauty, honeysweet.” The desire to articulate our feelings and set them in stone, literally, is in our nature, in our hearts!

Love Poem, Love fall with me

Love Poem

Love Poem: love is poetry

Following the great tradition of Cyrano, people have woo-ed their love with poetry.  Whether to win someone back, gain their attention, propose marriage or to reignite passions, love poetry sings the soaring in our souls.  Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays are filled with rhythmic calls to lovers.  From “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” to the lesser known sonnets in which he warns the bachelor of his selfish ways advising the single-man give themselves in love or forever be forgotten.  Elizabeth Barrett Brownings’s love sonnet, “How do I love thee,” has helped thousands of writers since the Victorian age to count the ways they love the unique gifts of their lover.  Love poems give voice, music and image to the song in our bursting hearts.  List all the reasons you love your love and watch their own hearts soar, too.

Love Poem

Love is

Poems of Love

It is said that every soul is a poem.  Personally, I think every soul is a symphony of poems that can evoke a person’s voice, personality and inner most feelings.  We are busy tweeting and posting favorite articles, what we’re up to, and what we like.  Let’s record the love of our lives into the unique gift of poetry, poetry that is personalized to your own love: a personalized love poem puts the details of your love into the metaphors of poetry.  If you and your love stay up watching star trek all night, then write a poem beginning with the line, “Love is watching star trek until dawn.”

Love Poem

Love is light

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