The Unique Gift of Bespoke Poetry

The Unique Gift of Bespoke Poetry

“Poetry is the most concise, moving, and memorable way that people use words
to express their thoughts and feelings to one another.   Poems have always been
the most intimate gift one person can give another.
Jennifer Styperk Jones’s remarkable Poetry Salon has taken this ancient tradition and
recreated it for our time–providing the ultimate personalized luxury good, a poem
written especially for someone.
There are moments in life when everyone longs to write a poem, but not everyone
has the gift to do it well.  Poetry Salon makes that gift available to all.”
-Dana Gioia, poet, public intellect, Judge Widney Professor of Poetry & Culture, former NEA Chair
Gioia_Angel...crippled saint Gioia_Angel_cochin Gioia_Broken Wing_tell God! Gioia_Prayer at Winter Solstice_cochin Gioia_prophecy_mom's typewriter Gioia_Sometimes a Child_cochin Gioia_Sometimes a Child_mom's typewriter Gioia_The Lunatic_painted

Dana Gioia on Bespoke Poetry by

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