Poetry Salon goes to the Oscars!

Commissioned to write an event, party favor poem for The Hobbit Oscar party, Poetry Salon earned poetry a ticket to the red carpet!  “The road goes ever on and on,/ can never lost or lonely be,” says Bilbo throughout his walking poems, as he wanders in the fantastical, Tolkien world, and so begins our Hobbit Oscar Party poem, titled, “A Walking Poem”.


Upon hearing the news that poetry would be dressed up along side Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence and so many others, we set out to find the perfect poet (as we always do) and the perfect paper.  We found both!  Talent Kate Coltun wrote an impeccable poem with golden nuggets for all the Tolkien fans who really know their stuff, while also welcoming newbies to the world to wander around, scrawling thoughts on mug-stained paper as they walk the way of the hobbits into the journeyman’s, star-studded night.


Cave Paper, a paper studio in Minneapolis, MN, impressed us with their ability to create a parchment paper, complete with the markings of ‘the road’ on each, unique piece.  The owners, staff and interns at Cave Paper were creative, enthusiastic and meticulous from start to finish.  They worked closely with us to assure that the ‘dress’ poetry would be wearing at the Oscars would get noticed and we did!   The touch and feel of this paper is solid and sturdy–just exactly the kind of paper Bilbo has in his pockets.  The look of the paper needed to translate the rugged feel of the journeyman that Kate Coltun had so beautifully rendered in the poem.

And what is a Hobbit Oscar Party without the gold ring?  With a gold ring, we secured each poem!  Thus completing the look and feel of the journey into poetry, into everyman’s heart, into the star-studded night and into the hearts of every party goer celebrating celebrity, story-telling and so much more.


“Each must ascend the bluff alone

and face the contest of their heart.

So now together we come home

to tell of how we played our part.”

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