The Best Paper Gift for your First Wedding Anniversary


Paper is the traditional First Wedding Anniversary Gift.  365 days.  Approximately one full revolution of the Earth around the sun.  One full revolution of your life around the person you vowed to marry.  365 days.  Regardless of the years, months, weeks or days you were together before this anniversary, this is a big one.  This is one that deserves something special.  One year as a married couple.   What could possibly do this anniversary justice?

Poetry Salon can help you to speak your heart in a custom poem written by a published poet.  The Poetry Salon network of poets is so large that we’re able to match you with the perfect perfectly suited to you and your partner’s style.  We sourced the globe to find handmade paper without flecks, spots or marks.  You won’t find a sheet of handmade paper as pristine, just as you won’t find another person as perfect as your spouse.

Since you are still considered newlyweds, you likely turn to the list of traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries.  And there it is–Year 1:  Paper.  After the proverbial head scratching and light chuckling you start thinking:  paper.  What type of paper gift would she appreciate?  Why paper?  Who decided these things anyway?

Paper is, in fact, the most perfect gift for the first wedding anniversary.  It is full of possibility, full of adventure, ready to be decorated.  Sort of like your first year together as a couple.  The paper itself can wrap a custom poem about your first year together.  And the words that fill the paper are the present of a lifetime.

Many say that the only way to grant your love immortality is to put it down on paper.  This is the gift that will last.  The poem, the words, the ode will be read over and over, passed along to generations, and placed in a revered place in the home.  All your memories, feelings, and passions can be captured on one single sheet of exquisite Poetry Salon handmade paper.

The first year of a marriage is one that is full of surprises (some good, some bad).  It is a year that is punctuated by the idea that you are now different because you are committed to be with, take care of and love another person.  This is a year of surprises, new insights and appreciations of your partner and these should be documented.  Paper.  It’s actually genius.

Offering your memories, your thoughts about your loved one, to a poet who will put a beautiful homage onto paper for your anniversary, brings your love into an age-old tradition.  Poetry writing is a classic and rare gift in our modern age of technology when we have lost touch with the personal connections we hold so dear.  This is a chance to put the love you have grown for your new spouse directly into his/her hands to have and hold.  The words that will be  woven around the memories you’ve sent to a poet will be poured over by your love for years to come.  It’s the homerun of paper gifts.

365 days may have gone by in a blissful blink.  Consider all the things you’ve done as a new couple within this short year.  A honeymoon trip, perhaps?  Fun weekends away.  A brunch that lingered into the late afternoon.  Consider all the things you find beautiful and endearing about your love:  the way his hair falls slightly over his eye, the kindness she shows to every person in her life, the inside jokes you’ve cultivated in the way that only YOU communicate.  Tell your cherished stories, put your heart down on paper and mark the year you’ve just lived together—a new couple ready to love each other for years to come.

A custom poem on paper.  It’s the perfect way to immortalize your love.  Give the gift of immortality.  An heirloom.  He or she will love it almost as much as he/she loves you.




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