Propose with a Poem

Proposal Dates Thrillist

Propose with a Poetry Salon proposal poem!  We’re featured in Thrillist: “28 Great LA Date Ideas Sorted by Commitment Level.”  The ‘thrillist’ for us is that we are suggested as the way to make that dizzying, lifelong commitment: marriage!  The author, Laurel House, @NoGamesLove, that dynamo Quickie Chick, is always finding the hippest ways to woo the one you love.  Here’s what she says about those forever special Poetry Salon bespoke proposal poems:

“Just tell them how you feel (in someone else’s words)

You don’t have a way with words. Nor are you great at the art of romance. But other people are. This proposal is simple. Go to their favorite spot. The place they go to to find balance and decompress — maybe a certain hiking trail, a park down the block, or the avocado tree in their backyard. Take them there. Have a picnic. Pull out a Champagne bottle that’s empty (?) with a message rolled up in place of the cork (!). Then profess your unending love by reading a poem that tells your love story — written by the writers at Poetry Salon, who’ll put the whole thing together after you answer a slew of questions for them. Now get on your knee and do the ring thing.  @thrillistLA”

Speaking of Poetry Salon Proposal Poems recently wrote a proposal poem that we designed and printed in the shape of the matching tattoos the lovers share!  AMAZING!  Love inspires.  Bespoken.

One Response to “Propose with a Poem”
  1. Laurel says:

    I am a huge fan of PS and I was happy to include you in my Thrillist article! xx

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