Sun-Dappled Sunday for PS Event Poets

Sunday Poetry Salon was welcomed to write poems for guests in attendance of a gorgeous garden party.  Our sincere host was excited about poetry and genuine in wanting to honor her guests with artwork. We received hugs of thanks for our poems from A-list attendees, which included 3 Academy Award winners!

In fact, our host exclaimed at the end of the day: “you are the most beautiful poetry factory!”

I am still dizzy from our sun-dappled day celebrating relationships in poetry gifts while adorned in flower crowns!  We wrote poems that honored daughters, mothers and, my favorite, a mother-in-law.  I won’t say more because confidentiality for each and every client, Hollywood royalty included, is very important to Poetry Salon.

Our client’s trust allows us to excavate the music and poetry in their muse’s life.  And this is what is most important to me. Each and every guest in attendance receives our undivided attention in listening to the stories they share and in applying our years of dedication in developing the art of poetry writing.

For this, it was no small compliment when an award-winning actor and royal said, “The highlight of my day was talking about [my muse] with you; thank you for such beautifully asked questions.”  Experiencing the sincerity of the host, I know that honoring her loved ones was top priority.

I am someone who reads Victorian novels for leisure and writes more epistolary correspondence than emails in a month.  Thank you to PS poet, Amy Boutell, for standing up for poetry in the modern era and creating– from the lingering effervescence of this past Sunday’s amazing event– PS’s foray onto instagram.  Our first post features Amy and her sister, PS poet Sofia Nagel, adorned in flower crowns.  Secondly, the team of poets’ collaborative warm-up poem capturing the “Joie de Vivre,” the name of another poem by a poet inspired by the soiree.

PS Event Poem Warm Up 3_13

Alas, faithful fans of PS, I could use your advise on how to right an error.  With  my head buried in books, and perhaps due to my enjoying the smell of book binding far too well (unintentional glue sniffing), I have made the grave, regrettable, and unforgivable error in spelling our hostess’s name incorrectly on a poem.

I wrote a spontaneous poem–moved by the Spirit.  Blinded by inspiration, the editorial function of my brain was entirely shut-down.  My unimpeded creative side forged ahead gaining the courage to hand our host the poem.

Luckily, however, our team of poets was inspired throughout the very busy three hours of continuous poetry writing, editing and typing.  I am grateful to all who made this once in a lifetime moment possible.  I am truly overjoyed.

Artists appreciating arts in a very down to earth, sincere way is how I experienced the day.  Here I am as excited and nervous as I was starting junior high in a new school, only wearing more make-up than my Mom would have allowed back then!


PS poet & award-winning author, Amy Boutell, inspired by our day describes the event in glitter and goddess imagery.

“As winter gave way to spring, goddesses gathered in the garden to celebrate the magic of female friendship and inner beauty. The hostess, Athena, goddess of wisdom and domestic arts, wore a white gown and a crown of peonies and offered her goddess-guests gifts of the earth, aromatic balms and elixirs made from the freshest flowers that Athena had picked herself, flower by flower, petal by petal, mixing the natural ingredients with divine love and self-knowledge. One by one, wearing flower crowns of their own, the goddesses took turns toasting Athena and celebrating her offerings of spring, as the goddesses’ daughters danced to music from the heavens. After a spring feast, Athena shepherded the goddesses to the oracles, who listened and transcribed celestial messages, in the form of poems, for the deities and their many muses.”

I describe the day as a warm, natural and sincere gathering of close friends.  Strong women supporting one another in their endeavors.  “…a morning–fresh as if issued to children on a beach.” (Mrs. Dalloway, Virgina Woolf).

I am awe-struck at our blessings.  By the grace of God, go I.

Humbly & Sincerely yours,


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