Propose with a Poem

Propose with a Poetry Salon proposal poem!  We’re featured in Thrillist: “28 Great LA Date Ideas Sorted by Commitment Level.”  The ‘thrillist’ for us is that we are suggested as the way to make that dizzying, lifelong commitment: marriage!  The author, Laurel House, @NoGamesLove, that dynamo Quickie Chick, is always finding the hippest ways to … Continue reading

Will you marry me? Proposal Poems!

Proposing or being proposed to is such a special, cherished moment.  Too often, when a friend is telling the story of her proposal, she says, “I don’t remember what he said.”  She looks at the guy and he’sequally as flummoxed by what came out of his mouth.  But the heart and soul of a proposal … Continue reading