Sun-Dappled Sunday for PS Event Poets

Sunday Poetry Salon was welcomed to write poems for guests in attendance of a gorgeous garden party.  Our sincere host was excited about poetry and genuine in wanting to honor her guests with artwork. We received hugs of thanks for our poems from A-list attendees, which included 3 Academy Award winners! In fact, our host exclaimed at … Continue reading

Poetry Salon goes to the Oscars!

Commissioned to write an event, party favor poem for The Hobbit Oscar party, Poetry Salon earned poetry a ticket to the red carpet!  “The road goes ever on and on,/ can never lost or lonely be,” says Bilbo throughout his walking poems, as he wanders in the fantastical, Tolkien world, and so begins our Hobbit Oscar Party poem, … Continue reading

Party Favors that say you appreciate your guests

At Poetry Salon, we offer poets who attend your wedding and event capturing the moment and memories specific to each and everyone of your guests. Here’s a quick peak of how PS Party Favors work:

Party Favors

Founder, Jennifer Styperk

Concord, an artists’ live/work space in Los Angeles, invited PS founder, Jennifer, to write personalized, PS Poems for guests as party favors! Guests sat and talked about their day, their boyfriend or girlfriend, their and their muse’s favorite landscapes, and what comes to mind when they think of their muse. “Future Zack,” the PS poem … Continue reading