Spanish Language Love Poetry

An American Orthopedic surgeon called upon us to write a poem in Spanish for his girlfriend, Tanita, who lives in her home country, Nicaragua.  Inspired by Tanita’s love of Pablo Neruda’s love sonnets, we knew the perfect poet for Tanita is Analesa Raya-Flores.  And we were right because Tanita has hung her poem next to … Continue reading

Read someone a poem today!!

They will love it!  We promise!  Give free love, read someone a poem.  Watch their face fill with appreciation.

Handmade Crafts with Heart in Topanga

Poetry Salon had a blast with the lovely, talented vendors and organizers of the 2nd Annual Topanga Hearts and Crafts Fair!  We had the privilege of writing a best friend poem for two young girls.  The poem told of their adventures together and why they love being friends.  A savvy girlfriend worked with us to … Continue reading

Vote on your favorite ways to say “I LOVE YOU”?!

Vote on your favorite ways to say “I love you”!  When you vote, you will be automatically entered to win $175 gift certificate to!  That’s right, vote and win enough for an entirely original, heartfelt Valentine!  To vote, click on the image or go to: Do you like it best when you receive … Continue reading